Museums matter…


These statistics about Saskatchewan museums are amazing!  They demonstrate how important museums are to life in Saskatchewan. Twice as many people visited museums in 2013 as lived in the province plus another 2.2 million visited SK museums online. 1000+ people are employed by museums in either full or part time positions $13.5 milion is paid in salaries/year Museum total expenditures … Read More

ChrisMuseums matter…

Fences Make Good Neighbours


In Waskesiu, there are no fences around people’s cabins and cottages.  However, the lots are surveyed and iron pins or stakes can be found driven into the ground to mark the property line.  Cindercrete blocks like the one pictured here were also sunk level into the ground to show the property line. Although pegs and blocks like these have been … Read More

ChrisFences Make Good Neighbours

“Flexie” (Levine Flexhaug) Paintings

Flexie cabin

A recent exhibit of paintings  at the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina by a prolific prairie painter  has cabin and cottage owners checking their properties for “Flexie” paintings. The exhibition, titled A Sublime Vernacular: The Landscape Paintings of Levine Flexhaug, is organized and circulated by the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie with support from the Museums Assistance Program of the … Read More

Chris“Flexie” (Levine Flexhaug) Paintings

Waskesiu Bungalow Cabins and Store

stockebrand and Ray Manville

  Manville’s Waskesiu Bungalow Cabins signs One of the early businesses to rent accommodations to friends of shacktenters and other tourists was Waskesiu Bungalow Cabins and Store, built in 1932 by partners J. W. Mcdermid and Rae Manville. The number of cabins was increased in 1946 to meet the increased visitation after World War II ended. Each one of the … Read More

ChrisWaskesiu Bungalow Cabins and Store

China souvenirs from visits to Waskesiu


Visitors to Waskesiu and Prince Albert National Park over the years have returned home with souvenirs to remind them of their summer holiday.  The type of souvenir has changed over the years according to the fashions and tastes of the day.  Popular items have varied from sea shell creations to aboriginal handwork and from felt pennants to china dishes.  The … Read More

ChrisChina souvenirs from visits to Waskesiu

Lifeguard Daily Register 1965 July 1 to August 30


Detailed records kept by the head life guard included weather and water conditions and shifts the guards were working. On July 17th the weather was noted as “Beeyootifull” and a crowd of 6500 to 7000 was recorded on the beach. On the following Sunday, July 25, notes contain the story of a rescue one of the life guards made with … Read More

ChrisLifeguard Daily Register 1965 July 1 to August 30

Richie Plugs


Plugs were used for casting or trolling for Northern Pike or as they are locally known, jackfish, in Waskesiu and Crean Lakes. Several local “shacktenters” made their own plugs. The plugs on display were made by Roscoe Richie between 1950 and 1980. . His portable cabin was on block T. Other models were made and sold by “Grandpa” Van Impe. … Read More

ChrisRichie Plugs

Don’t Feed the Bears sign


This is one of the original signs that Park visitors would see in many locations around the Park. Feeding of any kind of bird or animal in the Park is strongly forbidden. These restrictions continue today in order to keep wildlife in its natural way of life. When shacktenters headed out in the evenings to the community toilets, they would … Read More

ChrisDon’t Feed the Bears sign