Lifeguard Daily Register 1965 July 1 to August 30


Detailed records kept by the head life guard included weather and water conditions and shifts the guards were working. On July 17th the weather was noted as “Beeyootifull” and a crowd of 6500 to 7000 was recorded on the beach. On the following Sunday, July 25, notes contain the story of a rescue one of the life guards made with … Read More

ChrisLifeguard Daily Register 1965 July 1 to August 30

Richie Plugs


Plugs were used for casting or trolling for Northern Pike or as they are locally known, jackfish, in Waskesiu and Crean Lakes. Several local “shacktenters” made their own plugs. The plugs on display were made by Roscoe Richie between 1950 and 1980. . His portable cabin was on block T. Other models were made and sold by “Grandpa” Van Impe. … Read More

ChrisRichie Plugs

Don’t Feed the Bears sign


This is one of the original signs that Park visitors would see in many locations around the Park. Feeding of any kind of bird or animal in the Park is strongly forbidden. These restrictions continue today in order to keep wildlife in its natural way of life. When shacktenters headed out in the evenings to the community toilets, they would … Read More

ChrisDon’t Feed the Bears sign



A very popular activity with Park visitors of all ages was roller skating at Skatehaven. Operated by Charlie Ashley, Skatehaven would make itself known thorough out the townsite by the music it broadcast at the outdoor rink for the skaters to enjoy. The concrete rink surface was coated with a reddish brown product and cracks were filled and sealed with … Read More


Doc Sissons and the Shell Shop


Doc Sissons and his spouse Ma Sissons owned or operated several business over the early years including a boat livery and a motel.  What most people remember him for however is the Shell Shop.  This couple spent their winters in Florida where they would collect shells that they would bring back to Waskesiu.  Doc would clean them and make them … Read More

ChrisDoc Sissons and the Shell Shop

Souvenir Tray


Visitors to Waskesiu purchased a variety of goods as souvenirs of their holiday at Waskesiu. This tray was donated to the Museum during the summer of 2014 by Grant Simmons who said it belonged to his parents.  His father made his first visit to Waskesiu in 1946 and enjoyed visiting with some of the NHL players who were in the … Read More

ChrisSouvenir Tray

National Park vehicle license medallions

car with pass closeup

The Waskesiu Heritage Museum has two examples of medallions that were used as annual Park permits or vehicle licenses in the 1930s.  They are metal representations of a beaver, the symbol of Canadian National Parks and were made to be attached to the front of the vehicle.  One year for Heritage Day, some vintage cars visited the Museum; one of … Read More

ChrisNational Park vehicle license medallions

Kingsmere River Portage Rail Cart


This cart was used to portage boats around low water in the Kingsmere River on a narrow gauge rail line of about a quarter of a mile for many years. When it was replaced by a lighter cart, the National Park Service donated it to the Museum. The aluminum canoe was donated to the Museum to ride on the rail … Read More

ChrisKingsmere River Portage Rail Cart