Heritage Day Happenings


Over a dozen fun and instructive activities drew people to the Museum grounds to participate in Heritage Day fun.  In these photos visitors learn compass skills,  construct a model shack tent, sight and report forest fires in the fire tower cupola, and help with the laundry. The sunny, warm weather dried the clothes quickly! Congratulations to organizer Jillian Manchester and her team of talented volunteers for a wonderful day!

Here is a quote from email feedback we received after the event:  “I’m glad you had a good day and good weather. What you do is important work, and I for one appreciate the volunteers who make it happen…. [The museum} does the most for a sense of citizenship and belonging among us.”

Thanks so much for that “pat on the back”!

laundry permission 3model shack tent permission 6

Cupolacompass permission 8

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ChrisHeritage Day Happenings