Remembering Cabin/Cottage names

Lakeview Cottage

Long time seasonal visitor and Waskesiu Heritage Museum president, Betty Falk reminisces about the charming custom of naming shack tents, portable cabins, cottages, and the rental cabins at Manville’s  (later Baker’s) Bungalows:

“I remember as a kid going for walks or drives and looking at cabin/cottage names. Of course we stayed at Baker’s (Manville’s at first) and most of the cabins had names. It was part of the excitement of arriving at the lake. Where will we be living this summer?”

The rental cabins at Manville’s were called by different names of Canadian and American cities, provinces, and states. For example, a cabin might be called Montana or Moose Jaw.  There are several of the signs on display in the Museum.  As an educator, Betty used to bring groups of students on field trips to Waskesiu and they would stay at Manville’s cabins.

“ It also was fun to watch my students, on our annual field trip, discover the name of their cabin and try to trade for a different province or city. Brings back memories!”

What’s in a name?

“Shady Rest”, “Noah’s Ark”, and “Cosy Nook” evoke memories of bygone days when seasonal residents at Waskesiu had the quaint custom of naming their cabins and cottages. These charming names often had family significance or interesting stories about their origins. Did your summer abode have a name? When you purchased your cabin or cottage, did the former owner call their property something? The Waskesiu Heritage Museum would like to collect these names as part of our shared history. Please contact the museum via email (, phone (306) 551-3256 or drop in to the shack tent this summer.  We’d like to hear your story!

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ChrisRemembering Cabin/Cottage names