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Park Garage

This original log building, now the Grey Owl Centre, was once the garage for the local Park administration. Among its other roles over the years, the warden service may have used it. Whether the wardens were fighting forest fires, patrolling the back country,  enforcing Park regulations, blazing trails, or transporting supplies to Grey Owl at  Ajawaan Lake, this building was a starting point for many adventures. 

 The first wardens hired in Prince Albert National Park under the leadership of Chief Park Warden George Davies were local men, often veterans of World War I,  hired for their knowledge of the area and outdoor life. 

 Warden's wives were known as "silent partners" as they filled in for their husbands when they were absent on patrol all the while doing their own household chores and raising children in isolated, rustic conditions.

(Silent Partners: Wives of National Park Wardens by Ann Dixon)

A dangerous job

"In the early years, the wardens had to patrol the park on foot, on horseback, horse and toboggan, showshoe, and in some cases dog sleds.  One time, Harry Genge was sent into the Park interior after beaver poachers. There was always a patrol regimen posted before departure in case of trouble.  Harry caught the three poachers, and was bringing them out when - while he was making lunch for them- one sneaked up behind him and hit him over the head with enough force to knock him out.  There was a crude log footbridge over a nearby stream.  The poachers slung Harry over the bridge and left him.  When Harry stared to come around, he slipped into the cold water, which revived him enough to be able to crawl out on his own.  He was badly injured.  Help arrived for him several days later.  The poachers were caught and served six years in confinement."  

(story recounted by Ken and Ollie Herzog in Waskesiu Memories Volume III by Dorell Taylor)

Heritage Moments

History greets you at every turn in Waskesiu. 

Around the townsite you will encounter signs marking heritage buildings and places of interest from the past.  Use the links below the map to connect to  archival photos, historical facts, and entertaining stories connected to that place.     

More Heritage Moments