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Museums matter

These statistics about Saskatchewan museums are amazing!  They demonstrate how important museums are to life in Saskatchewan.

  • Twice as many people visited museums in 2013 as lived in the province plus another 2.2 million visited SK museums online.
  • 1000+ people are employed by museums in either full or part time positions
  • $13.5 milion is paid in salaries/year
  • Museum total expenditures are approximately $37 million/year
  • Approximately 10,000 people volunteer in museums
  • Approximately 500,000 volunteer hours at minimum wage ($10.72) equals $5,250,000.00 in labour costs
  • Over 4 million visitors to museums including over 2 million online visits
  • Museums are the stewards for 10.8 million objects

Source: Government of Canada Survey of Heritage Institutions: 2015 (2013 data)