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Kapasiwin tragedy


A memorial sign has recently been installed at Kapasiwin to remember a tragedy that occurred in Waskesiu Lake in 1927.

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What's in a name?


Many early cabins and cottages at Waskesiu had charming names.  This quaint custom unfortunately has fallen out of fashion. 

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The Tackle Box


The Tackle Box is the tale of one family's shack tent, as told by Sandra Moneo Styranka.

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Waskesiu people


In this brief video clip, Mona Finlayson and Merv Houghton enjoy the phrase Waskesiu People.

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Fire towers & smoke jumpers


Prince Albert National Park once had a network of six fire towers which played an important role in fire suppression. 

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Museums matter


These statistics about Saskatchewan museums are amazing!  They demonstrate how important museums are to life in Saskatchewan.

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Fences and neighbours


In Waskesiu, there are no fences around people’s cabins and cottages.  Cindercrete blocks were sunk level into the ground to show the property line.

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Twin Pine Cinema projector


This projector operated for more than 50 years in the Park Theatre, now known as Twin Pine Cinema.

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Flexie paintings


A recent exhibit of paintings by a prolific prairie painter has cabin and cottage owners checking their properties for “Flexie” paintings. 

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Bungalow Cabins and Store


One of the early businesses to rent accommodations to friends of shacktenters and other tourists was Waskesiu Bungalow Cabins and Store, built in 1932.

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China souvenirs


Visitors to Waskesiu and Prince Albert National Park over the years have returned home with souvenirs to remind them of their summer holiday.

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Park warden uniforms


The Waskesiu Hertage Museum is fortunate to have on display a uniform from Parks Canada .

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Lifeguard register 1965


Detailed records kept by the head life guard included weather and water conditions and shifts the guards were working. 

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Ritchie plugs


Plugs were used for casting or trolling for Northern Pike or as they are locally known, jackfish, in Waskesiu and Crean Lakes.

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Don't feed the bears


This is one of the original signs that Park visitors would see in many locations around the Park.

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A very popular activity with Park visitors of all ages was roller skating at Skatehaven, an outdoor rink.

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Doc Sissons Shell Shop


Doc Sissons and his spouse Ma Sissons owned or operated several business in the early years, but are mostly remembered for the Shell Shop. 

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Souvenir tray


Visitors to Waskesiu purchased a variety of goods as souvenirs of their holiday at Waskesiu.

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National park medallions


The Waskesiu Heritage Museum has two examples of medallions that were used as annual Park permits or vehicle licenses in the 1930s.

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Portage rail cart


This cart was used to portage boats around low water in the Kingsmere River on a narrow gauge rail line of about a quarter of a mile for many years.

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Camp kitchen


Early visitors living in shack tents cooked and shared meals in the camp kitchens provided by the Park service in the campgrounds.

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Supplying ice


In the early days of the Park, Waskesiu Livery Service supplied the vacationers with ice for the iceboxes in the summer. 

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Siwash sweaters


Siwash or Cowichan sweaters were a staple wardrobe item for shacktenters and early visitors to the Park. 

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The Paddlewheeler


The Paddlewheeler, known as the Neo-watin, toured guests around Lake Waskesiu on a one-hour cruise.

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