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Waskesiu people

In this brief video clip filmed in front of the fireplace in the historic Community Hall in Waskesiu, Mona Finlayson and Merv Houghton enjoy the phrase “Waskesiu People”.

Mona interviewed Merv in August, 2016.  Both are long term summer residents in Waskesiu and share many memories of the early days in Waskesiu.  

Merv’s father, Harry Houghton was hired by the first superintendent of Prince Albert National Park, James Wood, to provide low- or no-cost entertainment for the many visitors who tented in the campground on the shores of Lake Waskesiu in the brand new park.  Harry Houghton is legendary for his energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and organizational ability in providing sport and recreation for visitors of all ages. 

In Waskesiu Memories edited by Dorell Taylor, there is an entertaining story about a hike he organized for teenage girls to Montreal Lake.  

In this next clip, Merv and Mona talk about the day-long boat trips Harry organized for children to Kingsmere.

Harry was also the organizing force behind the annual regatta, featuring swimming, boating, and water activities of all kinds.  In this clip, Merv talks about the audience favourite, canoe jousting.

The Houghton family lived in rustic cabins in various locations around the wilderness townsite when Merv was a child.  In this story, he tells about who came to eat his mother’s freshly baked cookies.

After an enjoyable chat, Merv  concluded with this statement about growing up in Waskesiu. 

You may view the interview in its entirety as a DVD in the Waskesiu Heritage Museum.