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Don’t Feed the Bears sign

This is one of the original signs that Park visitors would see in many locations around the Park. 

Feeding of any kind of bird or animal in the Park is strongly forbidden. These restrictions continue today in order to keep wildlife in its natural way of life. 

When shacktenters headed out in the evenings to the community toilets, they would frequently encounter a bear feeding at the garbage can which shared the washroom lot. Park administration has very effectively dealt with garbage bears by developing bear proof garbage receptacles and by educating visitors and campers about the proper habits to discourage bear encounters. 

A common activity of visitors to the nearby Hanging Heart Lakes used to be to feed dried bread to the ducks around the boat docks there. Feeding of birds, squirrels, fox or any other wildlife is not wise or kind to them.

In the early days of the park, bears quickly learned that an easy meal could be had at the garbage dump. Shacktenters and other visitors would often drive there to see bears, creating lasting memories of their experience seeing these wild animals.