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A very popular activity with Park visitors of all ages was roller skating at Skatehaven. 

Operated by Charlie Ashley, Skatehaven would make itself known thorough out the townsite by the music it broadcast at the outdoor rink for the skaters to enjoy. The concrete rink surface was coated with a reddish brown product and cracks were filled and sealed with a beige caulking. 

Young men assisted Charlie in screwing the style of roller skates seen above onto the sides of the soles of skaters’ own shoes. They then assisted beginning skaters over to the encircling boards so they could learn to skate while hanging on. 

Often these young men were the best skaters at the rink, having daily time to practice their cross cut turns and backwards skating.  Many long time park residents and visitors still lament the sale and closure of Skatehaven.  The Museum has a CD of music from Skatehaven available for purchase.

The orginal sign from Skatehaven has been preserved in the Museum.